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Glad you're here! Nevada City Tours offers a full array of postcards and other gift and souvenir items offered as a public service. NevadaCityTours guides can arrange Haunted Houses & Gold Rush Homes tours of Nevada City & environs. Our new Tiny Mall Gallery, located in the Heart of Historic Nevada City at the equally historic New York Hotel at 408 Broad Street, has many tempting treasures for your consideration and possible acquisition, including original art by local artists, antiques, Greek, Roman & Egyptian Antiquities, rare antiquarian books and bindings and much, much more.

INDIESALES.COM -- 408 Broad Street
Featuring the finest art money can buy. All our artworks are 100% guaranteed and certified authentic in every respect. We actively carry and trade signed & numbered original works and limited editions by the following artists: Degas, Gauguin, Hayden, Manet, Chagall, Miro, Picasso, Matisse, Rembrandt, Jasper Johns, deKooning, Kandinsky, Warhol & many more. Our viewing room is always by appointment only. Professional dealers welcome. We feature a "Collector's Daily Special" every day, which can be anything from a rare meteorite or Early American Coin to a portrait by Matisse or a sculpture by Lipschitz. Daily Specials generally only last the day, so check each day to see the latest offering.

This site is dedicated to the presentation of beautiful psychometrically reading artifacts. Most of the items you see here are between 2,000 and 18,000 years old, and are unconditionally guaranteed authentic. ALL of the items were brought into the United States between 1955 and 1969, and are the result of many years of trading and collecting. They are offered now in the spirit of sharing, in the hopes that they will find their way to their previous owners in prior lifetimes. As seen at Rodeo Drive Galleries in Beverly Hills, Ca. All items are available for third-party grading and evaluation, these are technically "restored" ancient artifacts, using modern metals and ancient stones and glass. Catherine and Kasper have their own line of our jewelry, and you can have your own custom line, too!

Incredible coins of all dates & denominations, including some fabulous museum-grade 1909s VDB Lincoln Cents in amazing states, high-grade 1955 DDOs, Civil War rarities, great Large Cents in the rarest dates & conditions, and Greek & Roman coins of the highest collectible quality. Ask about our Greek and Roman coins. Specials today, complete Hand-Searched FULL Lincoln Cent Set in Dansco Case & Binding, with ALL KEY DATES. NGC slabbed. Absolutely stunning, only $9,500!!! Lincoln 1931s AU+ in flip $650 guaranteed authentic. Athens Owl 317 B.C. #I43391 only $850! Lincoln Cent 1909 s/s Gem $650 firm, great provenance. Knights Templar Fortress of Sidon #43473-2 $405 Special Price! Come SEE!

DONNER HOUSE -- 408 Broad Street
FREE EXHIBIT of Donner family relics, personal letters, photos, household & personal items related to the family of Elizabeth Poor Houghton, daughter of George Donner, leader of the Donner-Reed Expedition that is one of the three most important elements in early California History. Souvenir postcards & Donner Family gifts are also offered in support of the proposed Nevada City Donner House Museum, which is looking for donors toward a permanent home here in our own historic town. Needed are funds for exhibit installations for hundreds of Donner Family items, plus a cost-free building in which the museum can be housed in the public interest.

WEDDING PLANNER -- 408 Broad Street
You can find her at leslieann standup. LGBTQ Author, Activist and Standup Comic LeslieAnn offers a delightful array of wedding party items, plus full planning for birthday parties, End of Life Celebrations, Wakes, Standup Comedy Events and more, all with everything from cake to bicycles, meaning you name it, LeslieAnn can personalize it and make it yours and make it wondrous and delightful to behold! Make sure your next event has some class and style! You can preview their offerings in our shop! You pay only for what you actually use, and there's no charge for the consultation!

GOLD MOUNTAIN -- 312 Broad Street
Tea, anyone? The most complete, tempting and aromatic tea and tea blends, together with every imaginable tea-related product, including, of course, absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous teapots, teacups and saucers and more. Must be seen to be appreciated. Many unusual gift items not seen anywhere else, plus many souvenirs of Nevada City!

THE TRUFFLE SHOP -- 408 Broad Street
In the Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern California, Nevada City hosts The Truffle Shop which has been selling some of the finest chocolates in the world for close to 30 years. Chef Willem DeGroot’s products have been sent to the White House, the Vatican, and other discriminating customers around the world.

DUNGEON PARTY.COM -- 408 Broad Street
All manner of Mithril Figurines, custom gaming boards, high-quality printed cards customized to your personal specifications, full gaming tables, BardoMania layouts, Magic, AD&D collectibles, charts, deeds, char items, curse cards, many-sided dice sets, hex layouts, terrain enhancements, legendary plastic monsters and more, plus hundreds of videogames and rarities from the world of video gaming, owned & operated by legendary game developers Gorebagg, XxaxX, Val & Grishnak from GODD® Games. Pick games off the Thumb-Drive Tree and try them in-store for FREE!!!

METEORITE KING.COM -- 408 Broad Street
Featuring rare and important meteorites, many in the kilogram range, specializing in Mars & Lunar material, many large specimens of NWA and Pallasites. Must see in person, no time to list online, they sell as fast as they come in, usually the same or next day. You can join our "want list" of falls you want to acquire.

GATEWAYS BOOKS -- 408 Broad Street
Gateways' authors include: Robert deRopp, John Lilly, E.J. Gold, Claudio Naranjo, Reshad Feild, Zalman Schachter, Michael Hutchison, Grant Abrams, Claude Needham, Patricia Elizabeth, Cynthia Henderson, Mark Olsen, and Kelly Rivera. Featuring Tarot cards and books by Nevada City artists and authors.

Studio and Plein-Air lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced students in oils, acrylics, watercolors, gouache, wax-encaustic and other techniques, from the very best award-winning and popular artists in the county. Come in and get acquainted, meet them on the art tour, special studio tours arranged for buyers and more! Sponsored by the Grass Valley Graphics Group & Children's Craft Village.

BRANE-POWER.COM -- 408 Broad Street
The complete line of Brane-Power Amulets, Crystal-Power CQR SuperBeacons, Past-Life Survey and Astral Expedition items and card sets, everything you need for a total relaxing drug-free self-induced and self-controlled out of body experience. Books, candles, incenses, body oils, bath salts, dream catchers and more.

KOYOTE'S KORNER -- 408 Broad Street
Shamanic ritual items, dreamwork, initiations through the art of storytelling as exemplified by Koyote the Blind. Mysteries unraveled, dreams interpreted and skywalking attained. You need not be Native American to join in, all are welcome!

TRIBAL MUSIC -- 408 Broad Street
CDs, DVDs and Rare Recordings, plus Strange & Unusual Musical instruments such as the Hapi Drum, Handmade Guitars & Handpainted Reunion Blues Leather Gig Bags are featured, plus incredible high-grade orchestral quality recorders, Zen flutes and more. Popular classes on tribal dancing and drumming with famous local dancers and drummers are offered, plus performances & park concerts.

Learn the Sacred Movements of the Angels, Rhythmics and more. Performances and Exhibitions of Ancient Sacred Dances are offered, and beginners are very welcome. Easy to learn, and easy to do, keep trim and fit in 5 centrums -- moving, instinctive, emotional, intellectual & spiritual centers are activated by these special movements. Transmissions and Initiations into Sacred Dance.

FAXL -- 408 Broad Street
On and other music outlets, you'll find local "Geezer Band" FAXL a fun way to spend a Monday afternoon, when they broadcast live from 4PM to 6PM, with a variety of musical modes from hard rock to folk, with emphasis on the blues and a touch of jazz. They have dozens of selling albums on the market, and are placed in all music venues.

The legendary Grammy-Winning Sound Engineer Oz Fritz records local talent in-between location recording contracts with Bill Laswell and others. Tom Waits Mule Variations, Blood Money, Alice, & has worked with the Ramones, Wanda Jackson, Iggy Pop and hundreds of Award-Winning artists. He is world-famous, and he can turn your music into a solid hit!

Dr. Claude Needham is more than just another rocket scientist. He has exhibited his stone sculpture in many museum shows, and has a local reputation for beautiful and amazingly made pieces of highly imaginative avante-garde artworks. He accepts commissions, but cannot predict what the piece will look like in the end, because they direct themselves to be revealed, following the tradition of Henry Moore.

MAGICKMAN.COM -- 408 Broad Street
Not your usual collection of commercial plastic toy tricks for youngsters, this is a complete and professional magic props and routines shop, run by three professional magicians who have found their homes here in Gold Country. Everything from Seance Art to full illusions, specializing in ghost effects and predictions, advanced sleights and more, worked with Orm McGill, Orson Wells and Bruce Elliot, as seen on TV.

5TH-AVEGALLERY -- 408 Broad Street
The Fifth Avenue Gallery is a New York style Art Warehouse, featuring additional wholesale discounts to dealers and decorators, we offer ORIGINAL works of art by Chagall, Matisse, Picasso, Miro, Degas, Gauguin, Manet, Dali, Rembrandt, Van Ostade, Warhol, Man Ray, Lichtenstein, Kandinsky and hundreds more, all certified 100% original and authentic, lifetime guaranteed genuine, with a reputation in the artworld since 1972.

BEADSANCIENT.COM -- 408 Broad Street
Choose from a massive collection of ancient Egyptian, Sumerian, Pre-Columbian, Chinese, African, Roman, Greek and more. Glass and stone from 18,000 B.C. to about 200 A.D. -- all absolutely 100% guaranteed authentic, all collected prior to 1972 at various listed auctions from Sotheby's, Christie's, Malter & other sources, all documented & legal.

INSANEINVESTOR.COM -- 408 Broad Street
Surely one of the nuttier kids on the block, cousin of Samurai Daytrader, Insane Investor is known to acquire some of the downright weirdest items in the known and unknown universe. Featured this month are several items recovered from a UFO landing site, some stones from a variety of sacred sites, and a Morse Code Set that supposedly can contact a telegraph operator on The Other Side, at the low, low price of only $850 complete with battery & instructions.

OMMANIPADMEHUM.COM -- 408 Broad Street
Home of the FREE HARD-DRIVE PRAYERWHEEL, turns your hard-drive into a billion-prayers-an-hour prayer wheel, helps to run off the Universal Karma, costs nothing to run. Offered as a public service.

Haven't you ever wanted to work as an elf in Santa's North Pole Workshop? What orc hasn't??? Here's your chance to visit the most amazing online shop you'll ever encounter -- over 4,500 fascinating and unusual gifts and home items to please the wildest imagination. Just a click away!

THECHESSMASTER.COM -- 408 Broad Street
Is chess your favorite sport? Do you hanker for a piano attack? Are you caught in a maelstrom of timing issues? Check in at our chessmaster site and see what we've got in store for you! We customize chess and checker sets, and make sets from amazing things, including coins and quaint collectibles. Take a look at their online shop for related items.

DREAMLUCID.COM -- 408 Broad Street
The Art of Lucid Dreaming. Remember your dreams with this easy to learn and quick to master method of lucid dreaming. Learn how to interpret dreams. Classes and consultations.

TAROT READINGS 408 Broad Street
Tarot cards designed and published by local artists are featured here, plus all your favorite decks applied to a single easy to understand and transmit teaching book, which you can see on the website and purchase at our shop, along with a FREE lesson on how to read a 10-card spread and a FREE reading for yourself!

STOCKWITCH.COM -- 408 Broad Street
Think of an online electronic Magic 8-Ball and you've got it. Check in every hour to see how the answers change. Just for fun, a tiny program written specially for the novelty website by Dr. Claude Needham. Not recommended for actual future planning, this is intended to demonstrate the power of programming. If you want a gaming engine designed for your specialty use, you have but to ask at the desk for more info from "Uncle Claude".

You've seen them out there on the South Fork, the North Fork of both the Yuba and American Rivers, working their claim up above the ledge on Old 49, and working their ore on the banks of every patch of gold-bearing ground they could get their rigs up to, and now they've arrived in town, ready to teach YOU how to pan for gold! Gold panning classes and expeditions are available, just ask the gallery director when the next expedition into gold country leaves the docks!

What weirdness has shown up in the Trinket Box today? The only way to find out is to come on in and see what they've gotten into today! Random acts of crafting. You never know what's up, what new craft idea has struck the minds of these craft folk! Friendly, fun and easy to learn arts and crafts, beading, button collecting, so much more!

Our own dear Glen & Lee invented the very first floatation tanks for Dr. John Lilly, M.D., and they still make the Rolls Royce of floatation tanks, the very best of the best, no leaks, no drips, total comfort, peace and harmony. Meet the legendary inventor-engineers, authors and lecturers right here in our home town!

VAULTSOFTIME.COM -- 408 Broad Street
Vaults of Time is a passageway, a StarGate, if you will, into another dimension. Offering items which are in powerful direct contact with corresponding items in other time-space realms, useful for Past Life Invocations, Recall or tapping into prior life skills, habits and knowledge. Easy to learn, easy to use artifacts for time travel and more.

Experience The Difference. Let Yoyodyne propel you into the next world.Buckaroo Banzai and the Blue Blaze Irregulars had it right. You can grind that mountain into dust and sift through it all day long and you still won't find the marvels that one voluntary step into the otherside will provide. Using Beta Blocker CQR (Crystal Quantum Radio™) technology you can take that step. Some say that if God had wanted man to travel between universes he would not have invented beer and Slim Jims. We say grab yourself a Shapeshifter Amulet, turn down the beta brain roof-brain chatter and step into a very different world.

408 Broad Street Originated by Founding Editor/Author Horace L. Gold, Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine became the most awarded and best-known of all Golden and Silver Age sci-fi magazines, and is mentioned or featured in dozens of Hollywood blockbuster films. Galaxy is legendary for the first appearances of many sci-fi classics including Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451, first published as "Fireman" in Galaxy, now an expensive and rare find. Also in the Galaxy Hall of Fame is singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson. Copies of his issue are sometimes available from collectors. Galaxy covers are features in the Galaxy Sci-Fi Gift Shop. H.L. Gold is also famous for writing the "Jor El Origin of Superman" story that appeared in Action Comics Issue #1, in 1938, written for Jerry Siegel. Featured in the H.L. Gold collection are original illios by Joe Shuster for H.L.'s stories in Action Comics throughout the years.

HEI-JAZZART.COM -- 408 Broad Street
Featuring large architectural paintings that have been used as backdrops for famous jazz artists throughout the years, such as Nancy Wilson, Wynton Marsalis, Herbie Hancock, Delfeayo Marsalis, Tord Gustavsen, Solveig Slettahjell, Vijay Iyer, Lionel Loueke Trio, Miguel Zenon, Jenny Scheinman, Toots Thielemans, Ian Dogle & Hemispheres, Howard Johnson & the Duke's Men, Music in the Mountains, Jazz the Story of a People, Portait of Herbie Hancock in the National Gallery, San Fransisco Jazz Heritage Center Permanent Collection and Featured Artist, Cool City Hot Jazz Exhibition San Fransisco, Jacksonville Jazz Festival Stage Design, Hollywood Bowl Stage Design, Jazz at Lincoln Center, Mondavi Center many concerts & performances, and more.

SCHMILSSONIAN.COM -- 408 Broad Street
A website by E.J. Gold dedicated to close friend singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson, in development, but quite viewable. In the shop, you'll find photos on display, exhibit only, not for sale.

WANDWORX.COM -- 408 Broad Street
Here you will find all manner of custom-crafted wands, blasting rods, staffs, wizardry, charms, amulets, rings, bracelets, armlets, circlets and more, for all manner of games including Dragon 3D, Godd Levels, D2 LRPGs and much, much more...

Featuring a catalog of items you can make with your own artwork, without selling the originals! Make a side income or a deep personal income and a career, with these simple methods. Learn at home, online or in-store with our expert art and craft marketers and makers. You can create so many wonderful things, start today to take control of your life, get some self-esteem and find your own path through feminine creativity, doing what comes naturally! Great way to handle upsets, household issues and glass ceilings! Find out more, come on in!

ZENBASICS.COM -- 408 Broad Street Zen Basics is an attention trainer for the essential self. Specially designed to work with the higher attention of the non-phenomenal essential self. The Zen Basics App contains everything you need to get started with Zen Basics Meditation.

We have selections from Claudio Naranjo, Robert S. DeRopp, E.J. Gold, Reb Zalman Schacter-Shalomi, Dr. Claude Needham, Dr. John C. Lilly, Barbara deChamps, Ka-Tzetnik, Gustav Davidson, Ffiona Morgan, Horace L. Gold, L. Sprague deCamp, Ohky Simine Forest, Michael Hutchison, and more. Subjects include angels, alchemy, death and dying, goddesses, floatation tanks, personal transformation, preparation for death, science fiction, meaning of life, the enneagram, gestalt therapy, sacrifice, travel, efficiency, spirit guides, the power of universal love, healing, Native American wisdom, the personal story of a concentration camp survivor, dreams, floating, practical work on ones self, meditation on children's literature, the psychology of meditation, giving meaning to one's life, the fascinating history of the typewriter, nondenominational prayer, the formation of higher ethereal or subtle bodies, psychometry of ancient artifacts, the meaning of rituals and shamanic methods, the great work, and techniques for expanded perception and attention that work in everyday contemporary life.

URTHGAME.COM -- 408 Broad Street
Prosperity Path is a collection of video game orbs (levels) designed to coach you through a mindful training process that will cleanse your karma and attend to a multitude of life problems. "The orbs are very accessible to anyone who can handle a mouse. There is nothing to buy or believe in. No explanations to swallow, no books to read or materials to study. You just do it now. Its fun, easy, relaxing. And amazingly effective." -- N.T.

TATTOO-FASHIONS.COM -- Hand-painted celebrity gear for performance and appearance, leather jackets, jean jackets, dresses, tops, hats, gig bags, tote bags, bling bags, great for stage and screen, based here in Nevada City, serving Hollywood & the recording industry since 1966.

MAGIC-FOR-LIFE.COM -- 408 Broad Street
Magic For Life has been my work for many decades, but now I'm just plain unable take the daily strain of constant performance and travel, so these days I do what I can -- I teach Magic For Life, preparing younger folks to perform Magic as a Way of Service, in small classes or individual training for sleights and illusions, such as the vanishing pig, the vanishing bandana and the vanishing egg, all of which are hilarious. Kids tend to remember these events long after they happen, and these visits can result in amazing "Miracle" healings, especially of the soul.

J3T.NET -- 408 Broad Street
Jetnet Jackson is a Two-Fisted Peace Officer -- her Mission is to rescue the Pearl of Great Price from the Evil Dr. Greenblatt so that the Queen of Dreams can be crowned, or the Entire Known Universe will be Destroyed by the Pearl's uncontrolled explosion, which the Evil Dr. Greenblatt has threatened to set off if his demands are not agreed to. We have the cards, dice, boards and gaming pieces to play this tabletop variant of J3tNet 3D!!!

GODDGAMES.COM -- 408 Broad Street
A bunch of new videogames from GoddGames are now available for instant download. Or, if you'd prefer a CD just let us know by contact form and we can ship one out to you. The downloads are a better deal. So if your bandwidth will handle the dl that's a better option. By the way, the dl is only 50 to 100 meg for most of the games, yet the gaming is powerful and drenched with detail. A great way to experience the world of spirit without actually leaving the body.

GATEWAYSAPPS.COM -- 408 Broad Street
Gateways Apps are produced by the innovative team that brought you Urthgame Orbs. With a hundred plus PC video game titles, we figure it was about time we started making some of these games available on Android. Choose any of the games on the website's list, to begin browsing our newest and latest Android games.

GAMEXX.COM -- 408 Broad Street
Serious games are described as "intended to educate or train the player. These games tend to promote 'education, science, social change, or even health care.' Some of these games have no specific ending or goal in the game. Rather, the player learns a real life lesson from the game."

CIRCLE-OF-PEACE.COM -- 408 Broad Street
Don't merely wear a symbol of World Peace -- Actualize It. The Circle of Peace Beta-Blocker is more than just a symbol of peace like the "peace sign" which originated with Sir Bertrand Russell's CNVA, Committee for Non-Violent Action in the 1950s, which used an abstracted drawing of a B-52 bomber as its icon. Your Circle of Peace Beta-Blocker is an ACTIVE AGENT for Peace. It works through radio-wave vibrations to bring about a real change in yourself and at the same time exerts a small "sphere of influence" around you, an aura of Peace and Harmony which will profoundly affect your environment. At the same time, it works to bring YOU into the Parallel World where World Peace actually exists. Change the world by changing worlds. This is a recorded message from outside the SIM.

CHRISTM4S.COM -- 408 Broad Street You'll note the "4" in the domain name. It means several things: one, that the name was not available in the clear, even back then in the '90s. The other reasons for the geek-speak spelling are very unclear, but the general effect is that it's a great Christmas and Holiday site, and you'll find a lot of unusual gifts here, so click in and join the holiday shopping crowd, over 1 million an hour, none of whom ever call or write, or is that the kids? Come see our Candy Cane Trains, HO and N-Scale layouts and train sets, tree decorations, hand-painted stocking-stuffers & more!

Here at the Children's Craft Village we are currently working with items that can be hand-painted or drawn on, and that make great gifts and fun items to have at home. What's more, most of the items we have in mind for hand-painting by the kids are products that involve CHOCOLATE!!! Here's the link to our student store. Everything in the "Children's Craft Village" Collection is absolutely at wholesale, so if you're a teacher or bookstore buyer, this is the price. If you want 24 units or more -- which is four cartons of six each -- you can contact us for best price!

DRAGON3D.COM -- 408 Broad Street
Are you really a dragon? Some people really do think they are dragons. They are from a world in which dragons evolved alongside humans to an extent that, over time, it became virtually impossible to tell one from the other. Dragons turned out to be peaceful, fun loving creatures with a very high sense of integrity. They even used swords in most combat with humans because throwing out flames just doesn't seem fair to them. Dragons have been part of human history and mystery since the dawn of time. Click here to find out more about them, and to see the many animation cells by "Pink Panther" cartoonist Lin Larsen. We carry a full line of animation cells, drawings and blue-lines, most of them signed, all of them certified genuine.

TR4IN.COM -- 408 Broad Street
A complete roundup of model train layouts, engines, rolling stock, terrain, buildings, lighting and repair, run by two of the craziest model train enthusiasts you've ever met, creators of the BardoTown Railway and End of the Line Railroad Co. -- Special on N-Scale & HO Scale layouts and G-Scale Buildings for the 2017 Season! Classes on weathering and wiring, track maintenance, scheduling and more.

D0LLS.COM -- 408 Broad Street
Specializing in Dollhouse Scale houses, roomboxes, furniture, drapes, lighting, miniature running fountains and clocks, many rare items from Germany, France & England, classes in dollhouse crafting. Famous for original miniature artwork in doll playhouse and dollhouse scales, plus many miniatures antique & new.

C0LLECTIBLES.COM -- 408 Broad Street
You never know what these Gold Country Pickers will come up with next, so come on in, and find out what they've gone and bought now! Currently as of October 7, 2017, the shop features an original Disney TV backdrop set, local delivery only, plus hundreds of signed original movie and television stills, signed boxing gloves, signed benchwarmer cards and more.

Come on in and get acquainted with our beautiful, friendly and quite artistically-minded little gold-rush village, snuggled deep in the foothills of Gold Country! It's an artist colony that you'll enjoy visiting so much, you'll want to live here!